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And Life Moves On_196

01 Sep 2014 12:12 am

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Average Rating: 4.86

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Author's Comments


01 Sep 2014 12:12 am


and so it ends. thank you for reading.
i'm off to the beginning, to redraw some lost pages and then, well then i'll see if i can make this into a real book.
stay tuned.


25 Jan 2015 04:12 am


User's Comments


01 Sep 2014 09:45 am


It's been a long and wonderful ride. I loved the story and the characters and I loved following you for so long and seeing how you improved through the years. Your style, coloring, storytelling... Every page is more beautiful than the page before.

I feel both sand and happy about this story ending! It was wonderful to follow it through, and great to see it to the end, but having followed it right from the start makes me feel a sad nostalgia and kind of melancholic to have something that's been in my life for so long to end.. :) Good job!

I will definitely follow your future projects too. :) Thank you for these great years and for seeing this project to the end, despite having some bumps in the ride! This story is beautiful and I'm glad I got to experience it.


01 Sep 2014 12:37 pm


really wonderful! I'm looking forward to what you'll do next!


01 Sep 2014 07:59 pm


This has been a great adventure. I enjoyed this comic so much from beginning to end. The story line was so unique and all of the characters were so greatly done, the art is so beautiful and the colors are so vibrant, they always fit the feel of the story. I've read this comic so many times I can't count, I'd always just start from the beginning and read until the recent update. I'd totally buy this in print and I can't wait to see what else you have in store. Thank you so much for this beautiful masterpiece!


02 Sep 2014 07:47 pm


Thank you for sharing this amazing story with us. It was a great, beautiful ride. I'm really looking forward to your future works.


04 Sep 2014 07:26 am


Thanks so much for sharing this amazing story with us and for completing it as well! Completing a story is so much harder then ever starting one, and it takes alot of perseverance! When you do make it into a book I will definitely be here! Congratulations for the completion of Denizens Attention! Im really jealous of your accomplishment, Ill use this jealously to hopefully finally complete my own comic!

Mark Linimon (Guest),

05 Sep 2014 06:19 pm


wow, over 5 years! Thanks for sticking with this unique story. Good luck to you in the future.


07 Sep 2014 01:57 am


wowowow i've been following this story for years!!! it's amazing to see how much you've progressed from the start... i forgot when i started reading this comic gosh maybe four years ago!?

the art for every page is amaaaazing i can't imagine how hard it was to complete this story!! you did a magnificent job... thank you so much for sharing this story with us!! you're amazing!


07 Sep 2014 01:51 pm


I love this comic so much. Absolutely beautiful. Of course, I can't help wondering what happens next, but oh well. I'm happy just basking in the spectacular glory of this page, and all the pages before it.


08 Sep 2014 06:09 pm


This ride has been amazing, through out the years it was worth it. (":


12 Sep 2014 04:13 pm


I thoroughly enjoyed this series! It's exciting to reach the conclusion, and also a little sad. The world you created, the characters, and your artwork are amazing. :) I was wondering if you were considering printing this comic, as I would definitely purchase a copy!

MikeyLikesIt (Guest),

24 Sep 2014 09:22 pm


I definitely want to know what your next project is, and even which pages you redo in this. Is there a notification list we can join?

Geneseeaws (Guest),

25 Sep 2014 06:01 am


So it ends- or begins @MadMindInk: I will check back from time to time just to re-live your art, and see if there is progress on print this in book form! I'd want a copy or two.

Sara (Guest),

06 Oct 2014 12:14 am


D: I knew this day would come, and when it did I was very sad to see this comic end. I loved it and I look forward to your next. I haven't commented until now because I didn't want it to be over!

Ivano (Guest),

28 Oct 2014 12:57 am


Quite the Ending I have been following this comic since close to the beginning, although I am a shitty fan that never commented on it before. (Sorry for that). But man, it finally came together and had a great ending that I really enjoyed. I'm glad those two got to be together.

I will say though, I feel like maybe the last chapter was rushed as if you were just trying to get it done? We didn't really get to see much for goodbyes between the siblings even though we know that she was deeply upset by it. I don't know it just felt like she left quickly.


25 Nov 2014 09:01 am


Love this! I loved this web comic - so sad that it's come to an end. Kickstarter it or something, so that we could have it on paper!

I'd love you to continue the story, there's still so much left to do.

Seriously, kickstarter it! You've got loads of fans and your art work is more than good enough!


03 Dec 2014 04:37 pm


Thank you so much for writing this and putting it online for everyone to read. It's an exceptionally good comic and I loved it from the beginning to the end. Also, it's lovely to see how you've developed and all and and annnd I just really would like to say all the nice things that I've thought while reading this, but it's impossible to remember them all. So just know that I enjoyed every page a whole lot.
So THANK YOU! And congratulations for finishing it! : ) <3


26 Dec 2014 08:01 pm


I found this story and finished it all in a few hours, out gosh it .... *sniff sniff* Flippin awesome, absolutely unique and marvelous in every way!! &#9825;&#9825;&#9825;&#9825;


29 Dec 2014 06:03 pm


Hey. Been a while. Great job. Open ended ending but satisfying. Look forward to any new comics you come up with.

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